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Each market tick, captured for the CAT and your firm


Exegy’s Packet Capture (PCAP) Service supplies the historical SIP market data to the Consolidated Audit Trail. The same market recordings are an invaluable tool for managing compliance and trade performance. Get your monthly subscription for daily downloads of raw SIP feeds to supplement or replace internal tick recording systems.

Benefits of using PCAPs

Compliance auditing

Coordinate compliance auditing and best execution conformance

Trade analysis

Manage backtesting and trade performance analysis

Network auditing

Audit electronic trading infrastructures and market data networks

Simplified network

Reduce dependency on an internal market data recording system


Real-time and historical market data

Exegy provides hardware-accelerated ticker plants and managed services for the normalization and distribution of real-time market data. Today Exegy has expanded market data offerings to historical on-demand recordings sourced from over 200 direct and vendor consolidated data feeds to further serve the industry’s leading market makers, sell-side banks, buy-side asset managers, and proprietary traders.

Request your PCAPs

Your monthly subscription includes:

Native (raw)-format direct and SIP feeds

Nanosecond-precision and GPS clock-synchronized timestamps

Daily file transfers available over cross connections or the Internet

Continuous monitoring and management for uninterrupted data capture

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