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The Guide to US Equities Market Data

Market data may seem like a familiar day-to-day encounter. However, many are unaware of where and how to access the data. A better understanding of the types of data, feeds, data vendors, and associated costs can help financial firms make strategic and cost-saving market data purchasing decisions.

Real-time feeds

It’s not enough to know the exchanges. Learn about their feeds and how to access them.

Market depth

There’s multiple ways to differentiate levels of market data. Learn how to distinguish among trades, BBO, price, and order book feeds.

Exchanges fees

Market data can be a top expense for firms. Understand the different types of fees and providers.

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Who is Exegy?

Since being founded in 2003, Exegy has delivered real-time market data to world-class financial institutions via industry-leading, patented hardware. Now, we offer the same tick data, with the same dependability through our API-based solution, DataPort.

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