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Are your feeds and fees in-balance?

In US equities, balancing market data with exchange fees is challenging. This audit can determine if your selection is optimized for your trading strategy.

Trade latency

Not everyone trades at the speed of a high-frequency trader. So why pay the same costs?

Market liquidity

Not every strategy requires all quotes. See how market depth impacts feed requirements.

Exchange fees

Every trader and every strategy must be profitable, so exchange fees can’t be ignored. Find efficiencies and compromises with the audit’s easy-to-read chart.

Get your audit started

The audit recommendations include:

Where to source your market data

What market depth your data should include

What market data alternatives are available

Where cost efficiencies exist in your market data needs


Provide your basic information to start your audit. Steps 2 and 3 are the audit questions.

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Who is Exegy?

Since being founded in 2003, Exegy has delivered real-time market data to world-class financial institutions via industry-leading, patented hardware. Now, we offer the same tick data, with the same dependability through our API-based solution, DataPort.

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