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Ultra-Low Latency
with Off-the-Shelf Convenience

Xero performs speed-critical functions using a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) that includes embedded network interfaces. Those interfaces directly connect to the market data feed and order entry gateway of a trading venue. Xero performs market data feed normalization and order submission to support “fast path” trading functions in reconfigurable logic. Trading applications control “fast path” functions and perform additional functions in software via an easy-to-use API.

Xero is Exegy’s lowest-latency solution for tick to trade. Tests by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®) show that it delivers an average tick-to-trade latency of 0.552 microseconds.

As an off-the-shelf product, Xero eliminates the high cost, long development time, and technical risk of building custom hardware internally. Unless you prefer to spend months (or years) and millions of dollars attempting to develop a similar solution, talk to us today about using Xero for your speed-critical trading. Why wait longer, pay more, and assume the technical risk?

Use Cases

  1. Market-Making and Proprietary Trading

    No need to wait for your engineering teams to develop a low-latency solution. Deploy your strategies quickly without the costs—or risks—of an in-house solution.

  2. Speed-Sensitive Execution Algos

    Develop custom triggers to handle orders. Submit an order within a microsecond of receiving the triggering signal.

  3. Order Protections in Volatile Markets

    Auto-cancel an order quickly when the markets move against you, to avoid being picked off.

Execute trades in less than a microsecond.

Diagram - Xero FPGA Based NIC

Key Features

Compare our real-time products.

FeaturesXero FPGA Trading PlatformProxime Software Ticker PlantExegy Ticker Plant
Support for 200+ Market Data Feeds
Support for Global markets
Support for Major Asset Classes
Universal Exegy Client API
define symbol list and alternate symbol mappings
Custom national Best Bid & Offer (NBBO) calculation
Custom Aggregated price book calculation
custom basket net asset Value (NAV) Calculation
synchronous delivery of signum predictive analytics
Hot-hot redundant infrastructure
cloud deployment options
includes FPGA-Accelerated hardware
Full Exegy Managed Services
Download Sales SheetLearn MoreLearn More
Feature offered
Feature offered in part or optionally
Feature not available

Getting Started

Our team tailors a solution to your firm’s needs.

Image - Business Execs
  1. Consultation

    An Exegy representative contacts you to discuss your needs and challenges.

  2. Requirements

    We help you determine the feeds and data delivery method you require, to begin formulating a solution plan.

  3. Vendor Planning

    Our experts work with industry-leading partners to find the right vendors for your system.

  4. Solution Review

    We present you with a comprehensive solution to best suit your needs.

  5. Rollout Timeline & Contract

    Our team crafts and sets up your custom solution, handing it over to your very own customer team provided by Exegy that will manage it for you.

Ready to get started? Our team is waiting to help you.

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