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Exegy solutions can source data from over 200 direct feeds from global markets. Asset class coverage includes equities, options, fixed income, commodities, and currencies (FICC) in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

From speed-dependent solutions deployed in co-location data centers to Data-as-a-Service solutions that deliver bespoke normalized feeds of data to your enterprise, we can tailor real-time market data solutions to meet your speed, scale, and cost requirements. All Exegy real-time market data solutions normalize, enrich, filter, and distribute market data to trading applications.

Select a normalized view of data for each financial instrument in your watchlist via the easy-to-use Exegy Client API (XCAPI). This elegant API is shared across all Exegy real-time and historical market data solutions to allow your applications to migrate seamlessly from backtesting to production, enterprise environment to co-location data center.

Exegy solutions can enrich normalized market data to deliver actionable information to trading applications with lower total latency. Examples include user-defined aggregated pricing views (including pan-market Best Bid and Offer and full-depth composite books), Net Asset Values of user-defined baskets of instruments, and predictive real-time trading signals.

Our premium managed services allow your technical teams to focus on innovation that differentiates your business rather than reacting to the constant churn in the market data ecosystem. Allow our global team to take care of deploying, monitoring, managing, and upgrading your real-time market data infrastructure.

Exegy Products for Real-Time Market Data:

Icon - Exegy Ticker Plant

The Exegy Ticker Plant provides normalized real-time market data to latency-sensitive trading applications. Patented field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology provides consistent low latency.

Icon - Proxime Pro

This Exegy software solution helps customers enter new markets quickly and cost-effectively, by providing low-latency feed access through existing owned or leased infrastructure.

Diagram - Exegy Xero

This tick-to-trade platform executes algorithms at nanosecond speeds. Delivered as a Network Interface Card (NIC), Xero is an off-the-shelf solution for speed-critical trading.

Icon - Hosted Ticker Plant

Exegy’s hosting solution is accessible from data centers co-located with major global markets, providing real-time access via low-latency cross connects. Feeds are customizable to meet a firm’s trading needs.

Icon - Dataport 2

DataPort provides professional traders with on-demand access to normalized real-time feeds from global markets with zero infrastructure footprint.

Icon - Trep Adapter

Our Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP) Publisher provides Exegy normalized market data to legacy infrastructure, enabling infrastructure upgrades with minimal disruption.

Icon - FX TradePort

Exegy’s TradePort FX allows top-tier banks, hedge funds, and liquidity providers to leverage state-of-the-art FX aggregation and connectivity solutions as a fully managed service.

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