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A Complete Solution for Algorithmic Options Trading 

Exegy’s professional-grade trading platform offers functionality for options pricing, execution, and risk management, combined with best-of-breed API extensibility.  

Traders have access to dozens of settings, utilizing an advanced intuitive interface that combines maximum control with precision and accuracy:

  • More than a dozen option theoretical models, utilized by traders, brokers, market makers, and risk managers across all product classes
  • Hundreds of combinations of volatility curve setting techniques for both client preference and market fitting
  • An advanced intuitive interface for viewing and adjusting volatility skews and paths.

Metro’s development team ensures that the platform’s proven quoting engine for electronic options market making constantly evolves meet professional traders’ performance expectations and to incorporate new features, including:

  • A configurable target finder for market taking;
  • Advanced tools for spread markets, including automated responses to exchange auctions and RFQs;
  • Easily configurable edge and safety levels;
  • A multitude of click-trading techniques and custom order types.

Metro’s risk management functionality provides traders with the confidence they need to move forward with their model settings. Features include:

  • Real-time calculation of option Greeks, positions and P&L, available in multiple highly configurable views and portfolios;
  • Volatility and time-shocking calculations and strike level reports;
  • Normalization of related products in the energy, index, and interest rate options spaces.

Metro provides opportunities for a tailored trading experience, regardless of a firm’s engineering resources:

  • Easy implementation and interaction with a client’s own systems, via Exegy’s Subway socket API;
  • The ability to customize all aspects of Metro and build fully embedded applications within the client environment, using our low-latency algorithmic API Freeway;
  • Advanced applications built by partners available in our Metro Storefront;
  • Available Excel integration, exchange Drop Copy, and clearing position reconciliation.

Exegy provides access to a high-touch service desk staffed by experienced traders and technologists in the derivatives markets.   

Metro trading platform gives you flexibility of an in-house solution without the resource and infrastructure overhead. 


  1. Interest rates

    Interest rate traders can manage volatility skews and portfolio risk across the entire yield curve for treasuries, SOFR, and STIRs.

  2. Cryptocurrency

    Firms can trade crypto options (both dollar- and coin-denominated) across Deribit, CME, and Ledger X exchanges.


  3. Energy

    Energy traders can leverage features that include CSO and APO support, strip pricing, Ju-Zhong pricing model and a BBO widget that aggregates market data and best execution across three venues. 


  4. Indices

    Index traders can link volatility surfaces of “like” products across exchanges to streamline process while aggregating and normalizing positions to get a quick, accurate view of portfolio risk.

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