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Automated Workflow and Analytics for Options Market Making

Metro provides access to all major US and European options markets and has been the top choice for futures and options traders for more than ten years.  It enables rapid expansion to new markets while providing a comprehensive automated workflow for futures and options market making.

For options pricing Metro offers over a dozen different theoretical models utilized by traders, brokers, market makers, and risk managers across all product classes. Along with hundreds of different combinations of volatility curve setting techniques. Metro makes it easy to evaluate every available option.  

When the price is right, execution is what matters. Metro’s proven quoting engine for electronic market making is constantly evolving with the latest technology and latency expectations. It’s customizable, configurable, and automated. Execute with speed and reliability based on parameters you designed. 

Exegy understands the importance of managing the unlimited potential for risk in options trading. Metro’s advanced risk analytics feature calculates real-time greeks, positions and P&L in a multitude of highly configurable views. 

Metro is fully customizable and simultaneously easy-to-integrate to legacy systems with its Subway socket API. Build your own fully embedded apps or choose one of the many custom apps designed by our partners and team members, all featured in the Metro Store Front. 


  1. Integrate Your Alpha

    Optimize your custom execution logic, risk management, and volatility surface modeling by leveraging Metro’s Subway and Freeway APIs built for maximum flexibility. 

  2. Trade Everything

    From automated, algo-driven execution to click trading to participating in the OTC/Call Around market, Metro has you covered. Advanced functionality for all execution types that when acted on, aggregate to a robust inventory and risk management interface. 

Getting Started

Our team tailors a solution to your firm’s needs.

Image - Business Execs
  1. Consultation

    An Exegy representative contacts you to discuss your needs and challenges.

  2. Requirements

    We help you determine the feeds and data delivery method you require, to begin formulating a solution plan.

  3. Vendor Planning

    Our experts work with industry-leading partners to find the right vendors for your system.

  4. Solution Review

    We present you with a comprehensive solution to best suit your needs.

  5. Rollout Timeline & Contract

    Our team crafts and sets up your custom solution, handing it over to your customer team that will manage it for you.

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