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Ultra-Low Latency, Fast Time-to-Market

Exegy’s Software Market Data System is a feed handling solution providing ultra-low latency, normalized access to over 300 venues, with global coverage and support for all major asset classes. Manage increasing data rates and continual industry changes with Exegy’s SMDS.

The SMDS Solution is delivered via a single, high-performance, flexible, and unified API. All content is normalized to Exegy’s Market Data Model, reducing the time it takes for our customers to add further markets and understand venue-specific complexities.

Full support for book building of both price books and order books, along with the ability to create composite order books that give a comprehensive view of liquidity across venues, is available with Exegy’s Software Market Data System.

Other key features include: vendor-neutral entitlements control and reporting system for audit compliance, cost controls to help reduce market data expenditure, line arbitration, and support for native recovery mechanisms to ensure full feed resiliency.

Use Cases

  1. HFT and Algo Trading

    SMDS’ low-latency data is utilized by major banks who take advantage of dedicated MDRC’s for each market and the ease of connecting data to internal applications, like Smart Order Routers, Matching Engines, and Algo Trading Engines. 

  2. Support Statistical Arbitrage

    Run complex strategies with SMDS’ global reach and broad diversity of markets and asset classes. New destinations are constantly being added by our team, reducing developmental costs for yours. 

  3. One Platform for Your Global Teams

    Get everyone on the same page with SMDS. Spanning over 130 venues and across major regions, SMDS is versatile enough to handle anything from high-frequency trading in US derivatives to mapping specific symbols in APAC equities. 

Key Features

Compare our real-time solutions.

FeaturesSoftware Market
Data System (SMDS)
Exegy Ticker PlantAxiom
(Consolidated Feed)
Support for 200+ market data feeds
support for global markets
support for major asset classes
universal exegy client api
custom national best bid and offer calculation
custom aggregated price book calculation
custom basket net asset value calculation
Synchronous delivery of signum predictive analytics
hot-hot redundant infrastructure
cloud deployment options
includes fpga-accelerated hardware
full exegy managed services
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
Feature offered
Feature offered in part or optionally
Feature not available

Getting Started

Our team tailors a solution to your firm’s needs.

Image - Business Execs
  1. Consultation

    An Exegy representative contacts you to discuss your needs and challenges.

  2. Requirements

    We help you determine the feeds and data delivery method you require, to begin formulating a solution plan.

  3. Vendor Planning

    Our experts work with industry-leading partners to find the right vendors for your system.

  4. Solution Review

    We present you with a comprehensive solution to best suit your needs.

  5. Rollout Timeline & Contract

    Our team crafts and sets up your custom solution, handing it over to your very own customer team provided by Exegy that will manage it for you.

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