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History of Exegy

Building on
Continued Innovation

Exegy was created to commercialize hardware-accelerated computing technology developed at the School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. The company used field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology to develop ticker plants—appliances that normalize, enrich, and filter real-time financial market data. Continued product improvements have led to over 150 domestic and international patents.

In 2021, with the backing of Marlin Equity Partners, Exegy merged with Vela Trading Systems LLC. Operating as Exegy, Inc., the combined company is a dominant provider of premier data and execution platforms, along with managed services for electronic trading powered by proprietary hardware-acceleration, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and service automation technologies. 

In addition to technical innovation, we recognized the need for industry support in capacity planning, partnering with the Financial Information Forum (FIF) to publish real-time measurements of market data feed rates. Our output, MarketDataPeaks, encourages more robust design of trading infrastructure and electronic markets overall.

Who we are

Leading the Way in Democratizing Capital Markets Technology

Throughout its history, Exegy has consistently disrupted the financial markets technology space by making game-changing innovations more commercially available.

From the 2006 launch of the Exegy Ticker Plant, to the 2019 development of Signum Trading Signals to 2021’s Xero Volatility Trading Engine (VTE), our engineers and data scientists have enabled firms of all sizes to compete in markets that once were open only to large market players with extensive R&D budgets.

With the expansion and integration of our product portfolio, Exegy can meet firms’ existing needs and scale up as they grow and their strategies change. Our managed services approach ensures that as we focus on maintaining your infrastructure, your resources can be put to better use—accelerating growth.

The capital markets and engineering innovators who lead Exegy are committed to continuing this process of disruption and democratization.

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Patents since 2003
Employees have been at Exegy for a decade or more
Employees have advanced degrees

Strategic Partners

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Our strategic partnerships with world-class customers and industry leaders have fueled our culture of innovation. We work with the industry’s leading hosting, trading, database, and hardware providers to build seamless solutions that help firms optimize their market data infrastructure.

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On top of every tick.

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Press Releases

OmniFeed Brings High-Quality US Market Data to Retail Market

Exegy and Bookmap have partnered to launch OmniFeed, which offers real-time depth-of-book market data for US futures and equities.

Exegy’s Low-Latency Solutions Win TradingTech Insight USA Award

Exegy’s direct market data feed solution won the award for Best Low Latency Data Feed – Direct at the TradingTech Insight USA Awards 2022.