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Customized Support, With API Ease and Convenience

We know keeping up with ever-changing compliance and data regulation can be challenging and costly. Our system offers an end-to-end solution for data usage reporting, permission compliance, and audit trails. It’s vendor agnostic allowing users to create custom service definitions to entitle any publishing source with off-the-shelf support for major consolidated feed providers. 

Exegy’s Entitlements portal provides a modern, browser-based user experience with a Web Service API for optimal control and easy integration with existing infrastructure. The Web Service API allows customers to automate the permission process to streamline operations. 

With its compliant access and control system, customers can rest assured users and applications only have access to data permissioned. The system also provides support for concurrent access controls, content, and subject-based entitlements and dynamic entitlements updates. It’s built on a secure auditable database that can be directly queried and includes an integrated report suite for audits, usage, and entitlements. 

The Open Entitlements API allows control of any downstream application as well as off-the-shelf integration with OpenMAMA (Enterprise) API. 

Flexible deployment options include software only, a managed service to reduce operational overheads, or as-a-service within AWS for customers migrating their market data infrastructure to public cloud environments. 

Use Cases

  1. Entitlements-as-a-service:

    Distributing market data throughout a new cloud or cloud-hybrid infrastructure can present new entitlement challenges. Exegy Entitlements is cloud-agnostic and aligns pricing with consumption. It can operate entirely in a customer’s native cloud environment foregoing the need for additional physical infrastructure.

  2. Reduce Market Data Costs:

    With advanced reporting and audit facilities Exegy Entitlements allows customers to reduce market data costs by identifying unused or underused market data services. 

  3. Automate Administrative Overhead:

    Exegy Entitlements Web Service API allows for programmatic control and the automation of the permission process. Administrators will be able to streamline operations and redirect their focus to profit-forward operations. 

Getting Started

Our team tailors a solution to your firm’s needs.

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  1. Consultation

    An Exegy representative contacts you to discuss your needs and challenges.


  2. Requirements

    We help you determine the feeds and data delivery method you require, to begin formulating a solution plan.


  3. Vendor Planning

    Our experts work with industry-leading partners to find the right vendors for your system.


  4. Solution Review

    We present you with a comprehensive solution to best suit your needs.


  5. Rollout Timeline & Contract

    Our team crafts and sets up your custom solution, handing it over to your very own customer team provided by Exegy that will manage it for you.


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