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Speed, Stability, Scale, and Service for Mission-Critical Market Data Solutions

Trading Application Platform

An embedded market data solution — the Trading Application Platform (TAP) delivers single-digit microsecond latencies and enables agile deployment on commodity hardware.

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Exegy Ticker Plant

A purpose-built, hardware-accelerated computing appliance — the Exegy Ticker Plant delivers an unparalleled combination of high capacity, low latency, stability, and efficiency.

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Exegy Market Data System

Hardware-accelerated Exegy technology is at the heart of every Exegy Market Data System, designed for broad distribution to thousands of applications throughout the enterprise.

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Exegy Data Tone

Access real-time, normalized market data from anywhere.  Enjoy democratized access to premier hardware-accelerated technology, gold standard managed service, Quick and easy deployment.

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Exegy X-Port

Exegy X-Port provides fast and affordable access to direct market data feeds as a fully-managed service with on-demand scalability.

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Exegy Journal Replay

Prove the performance, resiliency, and compliance of your trading infrastructure with Exegy Journal Replay – a managed service for high-precision capture and scaled replay of raw market data from multiple feeds.

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Plan for the Peaks

We have developed MarketDataPeaks to provide real time, unique market data peak information to IT professionals in the hopes that it will enable them to solve throughput and capacity planning issues.