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Accelerating Growth – for Exegy and Its Customers

Focused acquisitions help provide flexible solutions for front office trading technology

Exegy’s recent acquisitions and dynamic growth plans were outlined in an interview with company President David Taylor on Markets Media, a publication devoted to capital markets technology.

Taylor, who was named president in January, said the 2022 acquisition of Enyx, a developer of field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based trading solutions, allows Exegy customers to access this high-performance technology across the trading lifecycle. 

By adding Enyx solutions to those gained in the 2021 acquisition of Vela Trading and Exegy’s existing lines, the company now offers flexible, integrated solutions that meet the needs of a range of firms.

Among the products highlighted in the Markets Media article was Axiom, Exegy’s direct feed-as-a-service. Axiom offers normalized, direct-feed content cost-efficiently through mutualization. Powered by our high-capacity, resilient Exegy Ticker Plant, Axiom allows cost-conscious firms to enter new markets quickly.

In addition, Axiom includes real-time signals from the Signum suite of predictive analytics. Signals that predict the duration of NBBO prices from the consolidated US equity SIP feeds, as well as the direction of their next changes, are delivered alongside real-time quotes.

This integration of “intelligent” data with real-time market data is a cornerstone of Exegy’s ambitious growth plans. Like the company’s FPGA capabilities, the Signum line is intended to give firms with fewer data science resources the ability to punch above their weight through a third-party solution.

All this growth and innovation is being enabled by investment from Marlin Equity Partners, a private equity firm. Taylor said Exegy may continue to pursue highly focused acquisitions to strengthen Exegy’s offerings across the trading lifecycle.

Read the full Markets Media article and learn more about Exegy’s growth plans. If your firm would like to see how our integrated line of front-office trading technology can accelerate your growth, get in touch with an Exegy team member today.