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Exegy Announces Record Sales Growth in 2021

St. Louis, MO, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, London, Hong Kong – January 19, 2022 – Exegy Inc. today announced record-breaking sales growth in 2021 and for the quarter ending December 31.

Exegy added 15 new clients in the fourth quarter, delivering 48% growth from Q3 and 55% revenue bookings growth compared to the same period last year. These results are driven by an expanded and integrated portfolio of low-latency market data and execution solutions, predictive trading signals, and hardware-acceleration technology following the May 2021 merger with Vela Trading Systems. Exegy is committed to meeting the ongoing demand for innovative, cost-effective approaches to market data normalization, trading infrastructure, and machine learning technology to drive the capital markets forward and remains determined to exceed the expectations of the market through superior customer experiences.

“The combination of our patented, industry-leading technology, our expanded offering, and our flexible engagement model with both existing and prospective customers has created amazing momentum and new opportunities,” said Exegy’s Chief Revenue Officer Craig Schachter. “Today’s market expects more from their partners and Exegy has the capabilities to partner more closely with our customers and deepen the value they receive from us.”

Exegy’s growth has been accelerated by the success of the flagship product Signum, which is creating new market opportunities for portfolio managers, retail fund managers, retail brokers, and algo developers by providing predictive signals and associated strategies. There has also been an uptick in interest globally in Exegy’s DMA Platform and execution gateways to help buy- and sell-side firms simplify market access and uncover alpha opportunities.

“We are well-positioned for growth in 2022,” said Exegy’s Chief Executive Officer Jim O’Donnell “and with the ongoing support of Marlin Equity Partners, we are actively looking for new avenues to expand our portfolio and are enthusiastic about leveraging our patented technology platforms to continue bringing innovative and disruptive solutions to the market.”

About Exegy®, Inc.

Exegy is a global leader in low-latency market data, execution technology, trading platforms, and predictive signals. Backed by Marlin Equity Partners, Exegy serves as a strategic partner to the complete ecosystem of the buy side, sell side, exchanges, and ISV/technology firms around the globe.

At the heart of Exegy solutions are fully managed, high-performance, and scalable solutions powered by purpose-built appliances, hardware-acceleration, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, and service automation technologies derived from our extensive patent portfolio.

Headquartered in St. Louis with regional offices in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific regions, Exegy has the global footprint to deliver world-class support and managed services to its customer base.

For more information, visit us at and follow Exegy on LinkedIn | Twitter