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FINRA CAT LLC Selects Exegy Data Capture Services

Managed Data Capture and Normalization Service to supply market data for the Consolidated Audit Trail

ST. LOUIS – 2 December 2019 – Exegy Inc., the leading provider of managed services and low-latency technology for market data normalization and distribution, has today announced that its data capture and normalization services have been selected by FINRA CAT LLC as the provider of high-precision historical market data for the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT). “We are delighted to be working with FINRA CAT and expanding the scope of our services to the Consolidated Audit Trail. The selection of our data capture and normalization services for this important regulatory system underscores our ability to deliver mission-critical infrastructure at a compelling price,” says Exegy Chief Executive Officer James O’Donnell.

“Exegy has proven to be an invaluable partner. Their historical data service meets our requirements for high-precision market data, and they have worked closely with our team to ensure a successful integration with the CAT infrastructure,” said FINRA CAT Chief Technology Officer Scott Donaldson. Exegy provides FINRA CAT with on-demand access to complete recordings of historical market data for the U.S. equities and options markets. Normalized data from the Consolidated Tape Association (CTA), Unlisted Trading Privileges (UTP), and Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) feeds. In addition to providing normalized entries for every update on every symbol for each feed, Exegy’s service includes enriched views of the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO). Exegy transfers captured market data directly to FINRA’s Consolidated Audit Trail infrastructure hosted in the Amazon AWS environment.

Exegy’s data capture and normalization services are enabled by resilient Exegy data capture appliances located in co-location data centers in Secaucus, New Jersey. Every packet received from each real-time market data feed is assigned a high-precision timestamp by the network interface hardware that maintains clock synchronization to a GPS source. In addition to recording raw data in standard Packet Capture (PCAP) file format, Exegy normalizes every market data update event into an easy-to-use, comma-separated values (CSV) format. Exegy delivers complete recordings of selected feeds in either raw or normalized format to customers via file transfers over local network cross connections, remote Internet connections, or local transfer within the Amazon AWS or Google public cloud environments. If required by an exchange or feed source, Exegy also performs the necessary market data vendor reporting services.

Exegy’s data capture and normalization solutions have proven to be an invaluable tool for data-driven business functions. In addition to enabling regulatory compliance and surveillance, the data provided by Exegy can be utilized for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) projects, testing electronic trading infrastructure, loading historical tick databases and analytics platforms, troubleshooting market data networks, and enabling best execution and transaction cost analysis (TCA). “Our on-demand data services offload a tedious, but essential task for a large number of market participants. While the technology to perform high-precision packet capture is becoming a commodity, our management and normalization services add significant value by allowing the data to be directly consumed by a wide variety of data analysis applications and tools,” said Exegy Chief Technology Officer David Taylor. Exegy plans to extend its Data Capture Services to additional data centers, cloud providers, and market data feeds in North America, Europe, and Asia.

About Exegy®, Inc.
Exegy provides low-latency market data normalization and distribution, market connectivity and price aggregation, and real-time trading signals to elite firms in the financial services industry. Today Exegy serves as a strategic partner to leading principal traders, agency brokers, Alternative Trading System (ATS) and dark pool operators, market makers, hedge funds, and asset managers. At the heart of Exegy solutions are purpose-built, hardware-accelerated appliances derived from an extensive portfolio of patented and patent-pending technology. All solutions are delivered as a fully managed service backed by a global team of experts and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Exegy promotes the design of robust electronic markets through its MarketDataPeaks service that reports real-time market data feed rates.

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