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Exegy Innovates with Intelligent Market Data  

Signum line of predictive signals and analytics are now available to a wide range of firms 

“Intelligent” data – market data enriched by insights such as predictive signals and valuable analytics – is the future of trading.  

That was the essence of interviews that Exegy’s leaders recently gave to Markets Media. It’s a concept that underpins one of Exegy’s most intriguing innovations: The Signum line of predictive and detection signals, as well as summary data and associated strategies. 

Data scientists at Exegy have studied market microstructure to find patterns in the vast amounts of US equities data processed by our Exegy ticker plants. Using artificial intelligence, they have provided rich context to real-time data, predicting the duration of NBBO prices (Quote Fuse) and the direction of the next changes to those prices (Quote Vector). Exegy has enhanced this data further with machine learning, creating alpha strategies that predict where the markets are headed. 

In the Markets Media article, Exegy executives noted that while some market participants – primarily proprietary traders – have been developing similar analytics for years, Exegy’s Signum products have democratized this process, making intelligent data solutions available to firms that lack the in-house resources to generate them. Instead of differentiating themselves solely through an expensive latency race, firms can add intelligence to their market data to gain an advantage. 

One avenue of that democratization is through Axiom Feed, Exegy’s market data-as-a-service offering. In the article, Andy Lee, Exegy Director of Quantitative Research, said Axiom users will be able to access the Quote Fuse and Quote Vector predictive signals alongside real-time data through the Exegy Client API. 

Read the full article on the Markets Media website to learn more about why we see intelligent market data as the future of trading. Then, contact the Exegy team to get started employing these tools in your own firm