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Exegy Sponsors Series in Traders Magazine

‘Trading Reimagined’ looks at how innovation is transforming capital markets

Capital markets are evolving fast. Thanks to the transformative power of technology, traders today can engage with the markets in ways never thought possible. How are ongoing tech advances continuing to prompt a reimagining of the markets?

That’s the focus of “Trading Reimagined,” a series in Traders Magazine sponsored by Exegy.

Articles will examine some of the most pressing decisions facing market participants – and how breakthroughs in technology can turn those decisions into opportunities for forward-thinking trading and investing firms.

“Sustained volatility, ballooning volumes of market data, relentless increases in speed, the rapid evolution of AI-driven signals, and migration to as-a-Service trading infrastructure – all are formidable challenges facing market participants,” said Exegy Chief Executive Officer David Taylor. “But they can also be viewed as a chance to jump ahead of the competition by employing innovative solutions.”

In the Trading Reimagined series, we’ll discuss how breakthroughs in market data delivery and trading and execution technology create opportunities for firms in the following areas:

-Real-time market data: Real-time data plays a critical role in the ability of firms to carry out their strategies. Firms expect more from their market data – how are technology providers stepping up? Where are the remaining latency gains to be made? What is the role of market data as-a-Service?

-AI and machine learning: The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence is bringing us more meaningful signals and eliminating inefficiencies in the trading process. What are the new frontiers of its use – and how can smaller, less resourced firms benefit?

-The role of the cloud: What innovations are pushing the limits of cloud capabilities for the capital markets? What is the long-term outlook for cloud and cloud-hybrid solutions?

-Cryptocurrency: What is the future for crypto as an asset class, and what tools will firms need to leverage it? How is institutional involvement changing the world of crypto assets?  

At every step of the trading lifecycle, leading technology firms are driving a new paradigm on institutional desks: Trading Reimagined.

In this series, Traders Magazine will explore the frontiers of capital markets technology, providing the information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

This content series is sponsored by Exegy, a leading provider of future-proof technology and a trusted partner to companies across the capital markets ecosystem.

Originally published in Traders Magazine.