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Exegy Demos Market Data Via Hybrid Cloud with AWS, Equinix

As the trading world debates the merits of market data on premise or in the cloud, leading industry players continue to bank on some combination of both being the way forward for firms. 

An example of this hybrid cloud approach was introduced recently at a webinar featuring representatives from Amazon Web Services, Equinix and Exegy.  

The three companies unveiled a collaborative set of technology demonstrations that pushes the boundaries of performance capabilities in the cloud – a hybrid infrastructure that delivers real-time market data to an on-premise appliance for distribution via AWS Outpost. The configuration uses Exegy’s Axiom Feed, a Market Data as a Service offering. 

The live demonstration was carried out at the Equinix NY4 data center in Secaucus NJ. It was detailed in an article in Traders Magazine, part of the Trading Reimagined series sponsored by Exegy. 

Jason Murphy, Exegy Product Manager, Market Data Service, who heads up Exegy’s cloud enablement initiative, leads the demo which uses proximity in an Equinix data center to deliver real-time data first to Exegy for market data processing and normalized, then to an AWS Outpost to be distributed to applications locally or remotely via the cloud.

This results in significantly lower latencies – in the hundreds of microseconds — than pure cloud delivery, while allowing users to leverage the tools and affordability of cloud deployment. 

The demonstration was conducted using real-time data from the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) because that feed’s massive size –10-12 terabytes a day, compressed – makes it a significant challenge to process and distribute. 

“We felt that if we could show you live OPRA in the cloud, given the volumes of OPRA, that would mean we can handle the rest of the market as well,” Murphy said. 

The successful demonstration is the latest step in Exegy’s continued efforts to provide clients with new avenues of cloud enablement. To learn more about this project and advance your firm’s path to the hybrid cloud.