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A Portfolio of Solutions— 
Fast, Deterministic, Predictive 

Exegy’s suite of solutions helps firms keep up with volatile markets, as well as looking ahead to the next tick to get ahead of an imminent rally or downturn. Our Metro trading platform is a high-performance, server-based system supporting algorithmic and automated trading strategies and designed to navigate the major US and European options markets. 

With low latency now serving as table stakes, Exegy also offers the next step in trading—“negative latency,” or prediction. Our Signum suite of predictive signals shows you where pools of liquidity are forming around hidden institutional reserve orders, as well as the probability of changes to the NBBO. Signum helps you enhance execution and trade larger sizes with less slippage risk. 

For the historical market data that drives your algo research, Exegy offers a variety of deployments. From our high-capacity, high-precision Exegy Capture Replay appliance to a cloud-based, historical data solution so reliable that it’s entrusted with FINRA’s consolidated audit trail (CAT), Exegy has the answer. 

Your data science and algo building teams are among your most precious commodities. Use them efficiently by letting Exegy’s team handle signal generation and ultra-low latency; you provide the differentiated strategies. 

Featured Exegy Products for Algo Traders:

Icon - Exegy Ticker Plant

The Exegy Ticker Plant provides normalized real-time market data to latency-sensitive trading applications. Patented field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology provides consistent low latency.

Icon - Signum Correct

A portfolio of real-time trading signals predicts price movement, trade concentrations, and hidden liquidity. Signals are delivered synchronously with market ticks.

Signum Summaries provide end-of-day data from our Liquidity Lamp signal, which uncovers and tracks iceberg (reserve) orders. Learn how institutional investors are making big moves in the market.

The DMA Platform delivers a fully hosted, managed, and operated service for order entry, execution, pricing, and pre- and post-trade risk management.

Exegy’s SREX is a high-speed, ultra-low latency order, execution, and quoting gateway.

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