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SEC Algo Trading Report Notes Signum

CTO David Taylor to describe at conference how predictive signals help firms compete

Exegy is pleased to share a recently released report from the SEC on the risks and benefits of algo trading in US markets.

The report was commissioned in part to gauge the democratization of the market in an era of high-speed algorithmic trading. The SEC noted Exegy’s Signum as an affordable solution that helps firms stand on equal footing with the lowest-latency traders in the game.

Exegy’s Signum consists of a suite of “signals-as-a-service,” revolutionizing algo trading by delivering actionable signals and low-latency market data in the same microsecond—all provided as a fully managed service.

The SEC report states that Signum’s predictive signal products “provide a more generally available tool that is analogous to and competitive with the low-latency data access, processing, and execution tools used by some of the fastest market participants” (2020).

Exegy’s Chief Technology Officer David Taylor discussed Quantitative Results for Real-Time Predictive Signals at the Global Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) industry event October 19-21 2020.