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Real-Time Signals-as-a-Service

Signum predicts market dynamics with up to 80% accuracy. Imagine receiving in microseconds real-time market data that includes predictions of price movements, forecasts of trade concentrations, and revelations of hidden liquidity. How much better would you trade? Let us show you.

Move beyond the latency drag race. Revolutionize your market making and algorithmic trading strategies with real-time predictions of market dynamics—price movements and execution activity. Leverage insights from (no longer) hidden orders. Capture the right trading opportunities before the fastest reactors. With Signum, you will have been there already.

Achieve better fills with less risk. Sweeping is hasty—execute smarter. Achieve reliable price improvements with real-time predictions of direction and timing of changes to NBBO quote prices—in your favor or against you. Illuminate your order slicing strategies with knowledge of hidden orders and reliable predictions of their sizes. Deftly navigate fragmented markets and liquidity mirages with Signum.

Signum changes everything.  Imagine what you could achieve if every market data update delivered to your trading application contained accurate predictions of future market dynamics. By making this a reality, Signum redefines what’s possible for electronic trading strategies. Serious returns await you.

Exegy Products for Predictive Trading Signals:

A portfolio of real-time trading signals predicts price movement, trade concentrations, and hidden liquidity. Signals are delivered synchronously with market ticks.

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