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Trading Platforms

Xero Volatility Trading Engine (VTE) is the fastest commercially available volatility trading platform. Get ultra-low latency from the Xero VTE hardware trading platform with speeds that can execute your trading algorithms in less than 120 nanoseconds for canceling and less than 250 nanoseconds for mass quoting and aggressing.

Xero VTE is an FPGA-based appliance built for volatility trading. It connects to real-time market data feeds for underlying and derivatives markets, as well as the exchange order entry gateways. It is currently certified for use on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), with other markets available soon.

With Exegy’s TradePort FX connect to over 45 FX liquidity providers including ECNs, banks and non-bank market makers (NBMMs). A TradePort FX point-of-presence is private, dedicated infrastructure that is configured and managed according to your business and operational requirements. With a full-featured order entry engine and a price aggregation engine, trading FX will never be the same.

Predictive Signals-as-a-Service

Signum predicts market dynamics with up to 80% accuracy. Move beyond the latency drag race by revolutionizing your market making and algorithmic trading strategies with real-time predictions of market dynamics—price movements and execution activity. Leverage insights from (no longer) hidden orders. Capture the right trading opportunities before the fastest reactors. Achieve better fills with less risk. With Signum you’ll have already been there.

Signum provides reliable price improvements with real-time predictions of direction and timing of changes to NBBO quote prices—in your favor or against you. By illuminating your order slicing strategies with knowledge of hidden orders and reliable predictions of their sizes you can deftly navigate fragmented markets and liquidity mirages.

Exegy Products for Trading Platforms & Signals:

Xero VTE product page accordion

This tick-to-trade volatility trading engine executes canceling, mass quoting, and aggressing algorithms at nanosecond speeds. Delivered as subscription service model.

Icon - FX TradePort

Exegy’s TradePort FX allows top-tier banks, hedge funds, and liquidity providers to leverage state-of-the-art FX aggregation and connectivity solutions as a fully managed service.

Icon - Signum Correct

A portfolio of real-time trading signals predicts price movement, trade concentrations, and hidden liquidity. Signals are delivered synchronously with market ticks.

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