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Yesterday’s Infrastructure is Today’s Financial Loss

3 Ways Market Data as a Service can Protect Your Business

With baseline market volatility increasing, traditional market data infrastructure systems are being pushed to their limits. Exegy’s combination of reliable underlying FPGA-based technology, our white glove managed services experts, and cost-effective as-a-Service model are three reasons to rely on Market Data as a Service and protect your business from the unexpected.

Find out more about our offering and why the largest banks in the industry choose Market Data as a Service as their reliable backup.

1. Our Underlying FPGA-based technology delivers reliable, consistent, low-latency and full-depth market data,even in the most volatile conditions.

At Exegy we know your trading strategies depend on the quality and consistency of your market data infrastructure. Markets are unpredictable. The unexpected volatility brought on by the onset of COVID-19 took everyone by surprise in March of 2020, but Exegy’s infrastructure held up even when markets were at their peak.

The reliability of Exegy’s market data is trusted by regulators like FINRA, that depends on us to provide data for the Consolidated Audit Trail.

Market Data as a Service reduces the risk of dropping data and is a cost-effective solution for firms looking to protect themselves by diversifying their vendors. Mutualized access allows Market Data as a Service to provide cost-effective, best-in-class market data, that will allow your firm to stay agile while reducing your risk profile.

2. Exegy’s award winning managed services team handles all infrastructure bug fixes, upgrades, and exchange-driven changes. Our team provides 24/7 global support to ensure experts are available to you round the clock.

The financial services industry is highly specialized and acquiring and retaining talent with experience can be challenging. At the core of Exegy is our support team with decades of experience building both hardware and software solutions for firms across the entire latency spectrum. When you choose an Exegy solution, you’re hiring a team of experts ready to help you accomplish your business goals.

3. Market Data as a Service lowers your total cost of ownership and hardware requirements allowing you to do more with less.

Market Data volumes will continue to increase. OPRA is expanding its multicast data distribution from 48 to 96 data streams, meaning those processing their market data with software solutions will need to meaningfully increase their datacenter footprint to catch up. Exegy deployed our FPGA-expertise to offload processing onto hardware. Our next gen ticker plant, the underlying tech behind Market Data as Service, is purpose built to handle ever-increasing volumes.

For firms looking to reduce their exposure to risk and protect their trading strategies with reliable, consistent, enterprise-class market data managed by industry experts, Exegy’s Market Data as  Service is the ideal solution.

Originally posted on Trader’s Magazine as a part of Exegy’s Trading Reimagined series.