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Exegy Literature

Thank you for your interest in Exegy and our market data solutions. Your requested product information is listed below; simply click on the appropriate link. An Exegy representative will be following up with you within one business day to answer any questions.

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Real-Time Market Data

Exegy Ticker Plant

The Exegy Ticker Plant is a purpose-built appliance that normalizes and distributes real-time market data to latency-sensitive trading applications. Patented Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology allows Exegy appliances to operate over ten times faster and more efficiently than commodity servers running software. Real-time market data is delivered to your applications in a matter of microseconds, and your datacenter costs for space and power are reduced by a factor of ten or more.

Exegy Market Data Coverage

Source data from direct feeds and major consolidated vendor feeds, including Bloomberg and Thomson-Reuters. Coverage spans to North America, Europe/Middle East Africa, and the Pacific Rim by region, while asset class coverage includes: equities, options, futures, complex derivatives, indices, and foreign exchange instruments.

Exegy Market Data System

At the heart of Exegy Market Data Systems are purpose-built, hardware-accelerated Base Appliances that offer the same rich set of embedded features as the Exegy Ticker Plant. Intelligent Exegy Edge Cache appliances connect to the Exegy Base Appliance and provide smart data distribution options to enterprise applications with a broad spectrum of functional and performance requirements.

Exegy Xero

A hardware-based trading platform that can execute trading algorithms in less than a microsecond. Xero performs speed-critical functions in reconfigurable logic within a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) that includes embedded network interfaces.

Exegy Enterprise Market Data Solutions

Exegy delivers innovative technology in a comprehensive portfolio of products to address the full breadth of requirements in your market data enterprise.  Premium managed services and integration interfaces to legacy systems minimize the effort and risk of migrating applications.

Exegy Market Data Solutions for Asia Pacific

Exegy understands the market data needs of the Asia-Pacific trading businesses. Speed is needed for co-located trading applications consuming direct feeds from local markets. Cost-effective data distribution is needed from local markets to regional and global applications. Service from local experts with experience in the Asian markets is a must. Exegy meets your enterprise business data needs with managed technology and expert services. Our solutions are used globally by Tier 1 firms for mission-critical market data.

Exegy DataPort

Exegy DataPort delivers low-latency, normalized market data from direct exchange feeds as a simple, cost-effective service. Enjoy democratized access to the same hardware-acceleration technology and premium managed service employed by leading market makers, proprietary traders, agency execution businesses, and buy-side asset managers.

Exegy DataPort Market Data Coverage

With Exegy’s DataPort Market Data Solutions, accessing real-time market data is now faster, more affordable, and more customizable. DataPort’s single market data API allows you to quickly connect to any or all US equities market data feeds, providing a total view of BBO and depth of book liquidity.

Exegy FX Trading Solution

A fully managed FX liquidity aggregation and connectivity solution for optimum pricing, trading, risk, and execution strategies.

Exegy FICC Market Data Coverage

List of Foreign Exchange Feeds.

Exegy Entitlement Hub

Multi-Vendor Entitlement Management Integration

Transform your market data enterprise with industry-leading technology and managed services from Exegy. Retain your data entitlement and usage reporting regime to minimize migration risk, effort, and cost.

Exegy Client API

The Exegy Client API allows your applications to subscribe to customized market data views produced by all of Exegy’s real-time products.

Exegy Reg SCI Managed Services

Allow Exegy to assist you in developing or enhancing your Reg SCI compliance regime.


Historical Market Data

Exegy Capture Replay

A fully managed appliance for capturing, normalizing, and delivering historical market data for a wide range of use cases.

Exegy Capture and Normalization Service

The Exegy Data Capture and Normalization Service is used by the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT). Exegy delivers complete recordings of selected feeds in either raw or normalized format to customers via local transfer within the Amazon AWS or Google public cloud environments.


Predictive Trading Signals

Signum Liquidity Lamp

Hidden orders have a visible impact on market dynamics. Liquidity Lamp illuminates these hidden forces on pricing and execution. Enlighten your strategies with Signum.