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Learn About Machine Learning-Powered Signals—and How to Use Them

Exegy’s Guide to Predictive Signals in Trading helps you navigate what’s been called “the era of data-driven trading:”

The Maturing of Speed and the Acceleration of Prediction

For decades, latency was the all-important metric financial firms were chasing. Now, they are seeking to build on that low latency with prediction. See how this new focus has coincided with a revolution in artificial intelligence to create new opportunities for firms.

Boosting Strategies with AI and Machine Learning

While alpha generation is an obvious use case for AI-powered predictive trading signals, first adopters are also using them to seek out hidden liquidity, create alpha cloning strategies, and enhance execution. As more market participants use these signals, firms can take steps to differentiate themselves and avoid what’s called alpha decay—the loss of alpha through crowded trades.

The Signal Decision: Build or Buy?

The first, most important step in integrating signals in your strategies is deciding whether to invest in the data science resources necessary to build them, or to purchase them from a vendor such as Exegy (through our Signum suite of signals). The Guide to Predictive Signals in Trading walks you through the steps required to make this decision.

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