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Building Success, Buying Excellence

4 factors to consider when upgrading trading infrastructure

When it comes to building out and upgrading trading infrastructure, firms must decide whether they’re looking for a custom-built, in-house solution or a ready-made product that’s going to get them in the market faster.  

Exegy recognizes the diverse needs of its customers and offers a unique approach that empowers clients to both build and buy solutions tailored to their specific trading requirements. Here are four reasons why Exegy is an expert at helping our clients make build-vs-buy decisions about upgrading trading infrastructure: 

1. A Wealth of Expertise  

Exegy’s expertise in the latest trading technology is second to none. We boast the deepest bench of FPGA-hardware experts in the industry and decades of experience innovating for the financial markets. We hold over 150 patents and a commitment to constantly innovating our solutions to adapt to ever-changing market environments.  

For example, earlier this year we released our next generation ticker plant that was custom designed to handle the upcoming changes to OPRA.  

Expertise and industry-specific knowledge allow us to assist our clients with their infrastructure needs. By understanding the difficulties that upcoming market changes might cause, we know how to best advise our clients to meet their goals whether through turnkey solutions or in-house builds.  

2. Trusted Partner 

We understand that each client has unique trading needs, and our team of Exegy Experts works closely with them to provide personalized support and guidance. From these conversations, our experts are able to learn firsthand what keeps our clients up at night.  

With a nuanced understanding of our clients’ needs we’re then able to help them innovate with custom-built infrastructure. 

Take our recent success with the FPGA-based FIX engine. By offloading FIX Protocol processing from software to hardware and acting like in-house engineers for one of our existing clients we were able to create a turnkey solution for the entire industry. This solution revolutionized software-based companies’ use of their server resources by a factor of 10-20x. 

3. Solutions Across the Spectrum 

Exegy offers a wide variety of solutions for the entire trading ecosystem. From our Market Data as a Service solution, Axiom, to our customizable FPGA framework. So regardless of whether your in-house team is building your solution themselves or you’re looking for something turnkey, we can offer your business the tools to get you to market faster. 

For those seeking ready-to-use solutions, our Market Data as a Service offering allows you to do more with less by providing consistent, reliable, full-depth market data all while lowering your total cost of ownership. Market Data as a Service allows clients to easily connect to a comprehensive library of direct market data feeds to seamlessly scale their business without additional infrastructure. 

Exegy’s nxFramework provides clients with a powerful platform to build their own trading solutions. This flexible and customizable framework enables firms to create bespoke applications that align precisely with their unique requirements.  

All our solutions are backed by Exegy’s robust infrastructure, ensuring reliability and performance. By choosing to rely on Exegy’s experts, clients can streamline their trading operations and gain a competitive edge. 

4. Managed Services 

At Exegy, customer service is at the core of everything we do. In our industry, experience and talent are highly sought after. Even buying solutions from vendors can require the hiring of expert personnel to manage appliances and implement exchange-driven changes. But when clients use our services, they get our experts on-hand 24/7. 

Our proudest piece of client feedback is that our managed services are unmatched. Our global team takes care of deployment, management, and regular monitoring and upgrades to your real-time market data infrastructure.  

In 2023, our team implemented 187 EDCs across all our products. This saved our clients an estimated 374 weeks of productivity.  

Ready to Partner with Exegy? 

Exegy stands as a trusted partner for firms navigating the complex landscape of trading solutions. With a customer-centric approach, unwavering commitment to quality, and unmatched competency, Exegy empowers clients to both build and buy solutions that meet their unique trading needs.  

Whether clients choose to leverage Exegy’s customized solutions or opt for our ready-to-use offerings, they can rely on Exegy’s expertise and support to drive their trading success. With Exegy as a partner, clients can confidently navigate the evolving trading landscape and seize opportunities with speed, accuracy, and confidence.  

To learn more about build and buy solutions, click the button below to speak with an Exegy expert.