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Six Ways to Accelerate Your Firm’s Trading Wins in Q4

It’s easy to get caught up in the Q4 crunch, racing to meet end-of-year goals and planning a 2023 budget. There is still time to make sure you don’t leave anything on the table in 2022.

With the money left in this year’s budget, you can make incremental changes to your data and services that deliver immediate results, positioning you for additional wins before you ring in the new year and jumpstart 2023. Consider these ideas:

1. Set your sights on a new market

Maybe you’ve been eyeing Middle Eastern markets or contemplating Canadian derivatives.   Expanding into a new market doesn’t have to mean expensive physical infrastructure. A consolidated feed is a great way to get your feet wet and see whether a market’s potential opportunities warrant greater investment later.

Exegy’s consolidated market data feed, Axiom, provides access to over 300 global markets, with points of presence that bring you close to the action without requiring an expensive data center footprint. It is available via multiple methods, including the public cloud as either a real-time service delivering every tick or as an easy-to-consume conflated feed 

Adding a new market is quick and easy—sign up now and start seeing new data before the leaves fall.

2. Add crypto to your trading strategies

Institutional investors are increasingly looking for risk-mitigated ways to enter the growing cryptocurrency market. From TradFi exchanges to crypto-native venues, access to crypto derivatives has become an important tool for firms entering this market.

Exegy’s Metro trading platform already provides access to Bitcoin and ether options and futures products, including new micro futures, via the CME. Now, Metro has expanded its crypto derivatives trading universe to include FTX.US, allowing trading in BTC futures and options and ETH options. And Deribit market data will be available on Metro in mid-October 2022.

Despite the 2022 “crypto winter,” institutional interest is actually growing. Metro makes it simple to diversify into this important space in Q4.

3. Slash costs for backup feeds and disaster recovery sites

During periods of peak market volatility, market data outages could cost you dearly. Now is the time to ensure robust redundancy with a secondary market data source.

Exegy’s Axiom consolidated feed is built on the strength of our resilient, high-capacity, FPGA-powered Exegy Ticker Plant, with hot-hot redundancy at every point of presence. It is the same infrastructure that meets the needs of our most demanding customers, including Tier 1 banks and retail brokers.

That sense of security comes with the cost efficiency of mutualized Data-as-a-Service, particularly when delivered to the public cloud.

4. See below the surface of iceberg orders 

In this era of meme stocks and “Boom or Bust” hype, it has never been more important to know where prices are being driven by institutional flow. Firms trying to keep up with informed investors via regulatory filings will always be playing catch-up and missing important opportunities. 

Exegy’s Liquidity Lamp Summary data shows when large blocks of US equities are being bought or sold—a sure sign of institutional sentiment. Based on our real-time iceberg order detection signal, the data is available as intraday snapshots or end-of-day summaries.

Subscribing requires no special appliance; summaries are delivered as simple CSV files via AWS cloud services. Start scoring wins immediately, while competitors are still waiting on the SEC. And that’s just the start: let our research team show you how to apply artificial intelligence to the data to create differentiated alpha-generating strategies.

5. Provide your retail clients with unique insights

Keeping customers on your trading platform happy is a never-ending process. Enhance their user experience by providing elite institutional insights that they cannot get anywhere else.

Using Liquidity Lamp Summary data, Exegy’s data scientists can provide snapshots of institutional sentiment at the symbol and index levels for US equities. Plug these sentiment messages into your dashboard or on your home page and boost its stickiness for users.

6. Manage your market data terminal costs

Get a handle on rising market data costs in Q4 by ensuring that your terminal subscriptions are being utilized effectively.

Exegy’s suite of terminal analytics tools tracks use of subscriptions across your organization. See which subscriptions are good candidates for canceling, sharing, or moving to a more cost-effective platform. Get a high-level view or drill down into individual usage data.

Installing Exegy’s terminal analytics tool gives you immediate results—it will start paying for itself before the snow flies.

When it comes to end-of-year spending, don’t just “use it or lose it” – use it and leverage valuable intelligence from Exegy. Arrange a consultation to boost your Q4 plans now.